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A Walk Around the Block

September 26, 2009

When Megan and I were looking for where to live we needed a city with a “walking” culture and excellent mass transit since we would do without our usual fleet of vehicles.  We will do a post in the future about the Indy-500 bus system here, but today I will show the plethora of shops that are on our apartment’s block.  One thing we already love in our short time here is we only buy what we need for the day in terms of our meals.  We can do this because it seems everything is fresh and available on almost every block.  Here are the shops just on our block:


Fruit Stand and Rock Climbing Wall

As you step outside our apartment, directly across the street is a wonderful fruit stand. Also, above (and next door) is an indoor rock climbing center. This always is packed with kids after school — Adeline, Mary Cate, and Liam spent an hour on Thursday climbing.



Next to our apartment is a store that appears to only sell paper, pens/pencils, and art supplies.  There are many schools in our neighborhood and all the kids seem to frequent this store.



Now this is specialization! Only chickens here.



This store appears to say something about electronics, but has far as I could tell it is your basic corner hardware store.  Located right next to a perfume/makeup store — I guess for his/her shopping convenience.



Kid’s favorite!
wab_pharmacy Local pharmacy (to the block) — another kind of store that’s on every block



A favorite food in Argentina.  This is a small cafe that specializes in Empanadas; however, it seems every food store — bakery, pasta, butcher, deli — sells these as well.
More hardware

More hardware

Two of these in the same block!
Excellent Bakery!

Excellent Bakery!

Unbelievable delicious pastries — I have to force myself not to visit this everyday!


I’m not brave enough to go in here without more Spanish under my belt. I need the phrase that translates to “I’m allergic to organs, is this cut of meat organ free?”
Ubiquitous Coffee Cafe #1

Coffee #1

Ubiquitous Coffee Cafe #2

Ubiquitous Coffee Cafe #2

Ubiquitous Coffee Cafe #3

Ubiquitous Coffee Cafe #3

Ubiquitous Coffee Cafe #4

Ubiquitous Coffee Cafe #4

7-11 translated into Buenos Aires

7-11 translated into Buenos Aires

Mac and Liam’s favorite spot. Candy of every kind.
Professional Dog Walker

Professional Dog Walker

Dog walking is a big business here. Many times we see 8 to 10 dogs “gang” walked together. Mostly the dogs seem well mannered.

Well those are most of the shops on our block. I did not include the six hair salons we also have. Hair is also a big business here as well.

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  1. Mary permalink
    September 26, 2009 22:10

    These photo’s are absolutely amazing! And… I need to get my hair dressers license and make sure it transfers to BA – I love big hair business – or … hair that is big business. Whichever. xoxo

    • megan permalink*
      September 27, 2009 20:46

      it makes me sooo happy that you check this out! dan is thinking you need to come here…he needs a haircut and is scared to visit anyplace here!!! hurry up with that schooling…..oh, what the heck….schooling is overrated and hair grows back! just visit us, cut his hair and ask questions later!!
      miss you & please give our regards to all the girls!

  2. Bea permalink
    September 26, 2009 22:31

    Thanks for the tour…..very interestng. Can see I would definitely need to brush up on my high school Spanish skills!!! Looks like you did a great job choosing the location. Love to all

  3. Catie permalink
    September 28, 2009 08:48

    The first thing I want to do when I visit is go to the Rock Climbing wall with the kids!

    Can’t wait til January!

  4. Maura permalink
    September 29, 2009 16:45

    Looks awesome! Loving the updates…keep them coming.

  5. Debbie B. permalink
    September 29, 2009 21:03

    Hmmm, what could I have you purchase from these fascinating shoppes!!!! Giving it some thought!
    Miss you tons!

  6. Maura permalink
    September 30, 2009 21:24

    My favorite is the makeup shop next to the hardware store. His and hers shopping!

  7. The Maurers permalink
    October 3, 2009 12:27

    Ohhhh, we’re big time living vicariously!!! We’re really enjoying the blog and are so excited for you to be having this fabulous experience. Wish we were too!!!

    Trey and Meg are so impressed with the ice cream detail Mac provided and are convinced this is an absolute must vacation destination!

    Meg says hi to Liam and Mary Cate!!

    • Gringos In Argentina permalink*
      October 4, 2009 16:51

      the ice cream is over-the-top good! we are having fun, not learning the language as quickly as we (foolishly) had hoped but hand gestures seem to help!!!
      tell meg that liam and marycate say hello and hope dogs are doing well (was there cause for concern???)
      i know you are always looking for an adventure….we’ll here we are!!

      thanks for checking out the blog & we miss seeing you!
      meg & crew

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