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Zoologico de Buenos Aires

October 22, 2009

A few days ago we went to the Buenos Aires Zoo, which is located between 2 streets on a piece of land about 3 blocks long. The interesting thing about the zoo was that it was very hands-on. Interestingly, there were 4 types of animals that walked around the zoo wherever they liked.  The first animal we encountered was some sort of rabbit-type animal, then a beaver-like animal, and throughout the zoo we saw ducks and peacocks (see photos below). You could walk up to these animals and feed them with food which could be bought at snack shacks located throughout the zoo. But you could also feed the other animals, such as the elephants, who would catch the food with their trunks, the bears, cheetahs,  deer, lions, chimpanzees, gorillas, the birds, the llamas (one of which ate Flat Stanley, a paper doll that Mary Cate’s friend needed her to take photos with around the city for a school project) and the monkeys. The monkeys had to be the most interesting out of all the animals because they had personalities. If you watched, you could see the little monkeys would run around messing with everyone else, the normal monkeys would clean each other and eat the food you would give them, and the old monkeys would sit around watching what was going around. If you didn’t feed the monkeys, they would grab the bars or pieces of wood and shack them back and forth until you fed them. I liked this zoo more than than the National Zoo because of the hands-on factor. This zoo let some animals run around wild, in the middle of a city. The monkeys, cheetahs, and lions were all within arms distance. It was a fun and memorable trip.

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The Llama, right before it ate Flat Stanley

The Llama, right before it ate Flat Stanley

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  1. Sarah permalink
    October 22, 2009 17:41

    looks like a fun zoo!!
    and nice writing Mac! I’m very impressed 🙂

  2. Bea permalink
    October 22, 2009 20:26

    Bet Mary Cate friend’s teacher has never heard that excuse before……..A llama ate my homework!!!!! Poor Flat Stanley!!! Keep us posted on whether a replacement is sent!!! We enjoyed hearing about the zoo, Mac…good job! Love, Granny B and Grandpa

  3. Debbie B. permalink
    October 22, 2009 20:47

    Mac, you are an amazing tour guide! I was able to imagine what the zoo was like, based on your descriptions! Good work!

    I do hope you all sanitized yourselves once you returned home…looked like Liam’s fingers feeding that rat like animal in one picture…and were those Mary Cate’s legs?????

  4. Bill Duryea permalink
    October 28, 2009 18:09

    You have a beautiful family. However, I did see your mug in any of those photos.
    I hope you all have a wonderful time on your South America Adventure.
    When you guys are finished if your wife is still talking to you, let me knew if you have any interest in going to Austrasia. I might be able to set you up with a condo in Sydney, right across the street from the botanical gardens.

    Ola amigo

    • Gringos In Argentina permalink*
      October 28, 2009 18:43

      thanks so much for checking out the blog and your kind words. my mug would only detract from the beauty of the blog. anytime you want to head south…please let me know, we can enjoy a nice malbec, some empanadas and great scenery.

  5. Lynn Roberts permalink
    October 30, 2009 16:14

    Hi Mac et all,
    Great analysis of the zoo and its character(S). I enjoy all the postings. As you head into summer, we have had 2 days of snow!! People are tuning up the skis and snowboards. At my age, I get to ski free!! Some benefit to being over 70!!
    Aunt Lynn

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