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A taste of home…friends come to visit!

February 20, 2010

I had meant to get this post up sooner but as usual, life got in the way!  Two dear friends from Alexandria, VA came to visit us in early February.  I am not sure who was more excited about their visit: me (they are MY friends), the children (hoping our friends would be bringing goodies from home) or possibly our friends who would be escaping the winter in DC.  Well, they departed DC just in time to miss the first of what would be a double-whammy of winter storms!

As promised, they brought good wishes from our friends in Alexandria and plenty of goodies for the children.  There were books, candy, a cool sweatshirt, a music CD, much requested and “non-existent in Argentina” spices, more candy, and gifts for the young man turning 16!  Thank you so very much to the Cheneys, Duffetts, Sheas, my wonderful sisters Tara and Debbie, and to our most awesome world-traveling friends, Catie and DeeDee!

I have to say….I have not laughed so hard or so much fun in I-can’t-remember-how-long!  Catie and DeeDee had our whole family rolling on the floor from the minute they arrived.  We saw lots of neat sights, tried a new restaurant(not sure we will go back to it) and took them to a few of our favorite haunts.  I think they were pleased to be away from the snowstorms, the school closures, the shoveling and bulky winter clothes.  It is amazing that they were able to orchestrate the week away from home given their busy schedules, jobs, husbands and all sorts of other responsibilities and so we are grateful for their visit.  It truly was a bright spot in our time in Buenos Aires…I just start laughing every time I think of the fun we had.  We are so thankful we have such kind and generous friends.  There are days here when we get lonely and homesick….but definitely never when Catie and DeeDee were here.  Thanks so much gals!

Finally, Mac turned 16 while they were visiting.  WOW…where has the time gone?  WOW…am I glad we are here and there in NO CHANCE of him getting his driver’s license anytime soon (don’t tell him I said that!).  Catie and Dee Dee have already been down the road with the teenage sons so they were wonderful party-planners for the event.  It may not have been his dream birthday but I think it was at least memorable!

riding the collectivo to see the sites!

taking it all in....

"i love mac"

Our favorite coffee spot...great way to start the day...

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  1. Debbie B. permalink
    February 21, 2010 22:59

    Thank your dear friends, Catie and DeeDee for carting the stuff I wanted to send you!!!

    Love the pictures!

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