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Los Dos Hermanos Estancia

April 16, 2010

Dan’s sister and family (the Weinman’s) came to visit last week.  What a treat it was for the kids to have cousins to play with.  We had wonderful meals, plenty of adventures and lots of laughs.  The Weinman’s live in Florida and have traveled extensively so they are experienced travelers and ready for fun at a moment’s notice.  Nothing could slow them down!

One of the adventures we went on was a day trip to an Estancia (spanish for ranch) outside Buenos Aires.  The setting for the estancia was absolutely beautiful and the day was full of firsts for many of us.  We were led by an authentic gaucho (similar to a cowboy), a strong, silent somewhat intimidating gaucho.

Imagine this, only slightly more updated. I really picked this picture to show the large knife tied to his side….yep, our guy had 2 of them tucked in his belt.  Let me tell you…the tales that Mac, Daniel and Liam were inventing about “our gaucho and his knives” were creative!

For many, this is a hard look to pull off…authentically.  Our gaucho, whose name was Don Juan ( was), could pull off the whole gaucho-thing with authenticity.

Well, the day was wonderful.  It involved lots of eating. LOTS of eating means they served us three different times while we were at the estancia.  LOTS of delicious food, a swimming pool which the children enjoyed and more horses to ride than you could count.   We had long trail rides with Don Juan through the pampas, across streams, and alongside corn fields (a personal favorite for my horse).

Do we look authentic…..nope…still like Gringos!  Hey, we’re trying!

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  1. Triickster permalink
    April 16, 2010 18:47

    Old SA story…..
    if the gaucho
    is not carefulo
    with his knifeo
    then he will be oucho
    in a hurryo!

    Looks like a lot of FUN !

  2. Mary Aylmer permalink
    April 17, 2010 10:46

    I just love reading about your adventures! This must have been a fantastic day (“oucho” – very funny!!)

  3. Jane Hayes permalink
    April 17, 2010 13:19

    You are my Sat. morn. entertainment. It has been wonderful to follow your adventure. Wondering when you will be having to end all the fun and return. Great Aunt Jane

    • Gringos In Argentina permalink*
      April 17, 2010 14:01

      thanks for checking the blog out. we are having fun seeing and doing all kinds of new and exciting things. what an adventure it has been!

  4. Debbie B. permalink
    April 17, 2010 16:04

    Meg, this is a perfect picture…bet Bea and Dan love it with all the grandkids (and kids/inlaws) – sounds like a complete blast! Almost want to visit one myself!

  5. Bea permalink
    April 17, 2010 17:40

    What a great group of gringos….better than gauchos anyway!!! It IS a perfect picture for us, Debbie! Happy you all had such a good time together…and what a good decision you made to share this excursion with the Weinmans and not the elder Hayes’!!!!

  6. Anouk permalink
    August 12, 2010 04:51

    This daytrip at the Estancia sounds like it was lots of fun! My spouse and I will be going to B.A. later this month, and I think this “excursion” will be a nice get away from the city. Could you please give me info about the touroperator you used, or how to go about booking for the Ranch? And also, if you don’t mind me asking, what about the costs? You can email me directly at the following email address:

    Thanks so much in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.


  7. August 21, 2010 16:58


  8. October 26, 2010 18:36

    Megan –

    It was fun to meet you albeit briefly. I lived in Uruguay — and by extension — I love Argentina!

    I’m very excited to read your post about “simplifying” — nudge, nudge — and look forward to talking further about — what next!

    My best,

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