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Top 10 Things We Will Miss In Buenos Aires

January 12, 2011

As a family compilation, we have picked the ten things will will miss the most when we leave Buenos Aires.

#10-Franela (Adeline):  This is the “calle gato” who has been “adopted” by our neighbors.  She loves to stop by our house for some food and love.  Since we can never own a cat ourselves, this takes care of the constant request for yet another pet.

#9-Avenida Chenaut:  Our house for the majority of our time here.  Much smaller than what a family of 6 is used to, but we adapt.  We will miss having our weekend parrillas, family movie nights, and walks through the nearby parks.  Of course, one of the unexpected benefits of our house is it becomes waterfront property during rain storms!

#8-Sleeping late…everyday (Mac):  Not having to get up early and go to school would be bliss, I suppose.  Don’t get me wrong, we all enjoyed this perk but I think it ranks very high on the teenage “best things” list.

#7-Helado & empanadas (MaryCate):  Favorites for everyone but if you ever get the chance to try helado from Argentina, make sure you go for it!  It is like ice cream only 10x better!

#6- Maxikioscos (Liam):  This would be similar to a small corner candy shop.  There seems to be one on every corner and they sell things similar to penny candy.  I am sure our dentist will be excited to see us upon our return.

#5-The weather:  Buenos Aires has such a beautiful climate.  The skies are wonderfully blue with fluffy clouds.  The most interesting difference in the weather we have found is the rain.  It doesn’t rain often but when it does… COMMITS to raining. It seems like once the rain starts, it doesn’t end for 2,3 or sometimes 4 days. Constant rain, not intermittent but constant downpour. Once you realize this, you can adjust accordingly.

#4- The slow pace of life: This has been one of the most rewarding aspects of our lives here is South America. NOTHING gets done in a hurry.  It took us a while to get out of our DC-mode and slow down but what a treat the slower pace has been. It is amazing what you can see, feel and enjoy if you just slow things down a bit.  I realize most people are already aware of this, we are sometimes slow to catch on.

#3- Cafe con leche & medialunas: In a way, this goes with #4.  Morning coffee is something to experience not a caffeine-delivery vehicle.  The ritual has become our favorite part of the day. From the greeting we receive when we walk through the café door, to the wonderful aroma of the coffee and the unhurried start to our day.  I have really missed Starbucks but truly, but the USA is missing out on this whole morning experience.

#2- Not owning a car: We have all loved not having to jump into the car every time we want to go someplace. The children run out the door, down the street and stop in the bakery for an afternoon snack.  The grocery store “run” takes all of 10 minutes, round trip.  No stops at the gas station to fill up car, no “oil lights” or “check engine” warnings, no crowded parking lots…this will be a tough adjustment.  Have I mentioned how much I do not like driving?

#1-The adventure of it all: To experience so many firsts as a family.  It seems that almost everyday had a sense of adventure to it (sometimes is was just the adventure of how we were going to find a particular item which we couldn’t seem to translate into Spanish).  Obviously, trying to live in another country with 4 children and limited language skills may be crazy, but we all learned so many lessons about what we are capable of, what we can endure and what really matters in life. And that is what it was all about!

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