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“This too shall pass” & should my washing machine be weather dependent?

January 28, 2011

Just one more JOY we have discovered since making our “summer” home in Maine our year-round residence…is that the washing machine really only likes to work when the weather is above 30 degrees…give or take a few degrees.  It seems that the water line leading to the washing machine and the output pipe (?) are on the outside walls of the house and therefore freeze…..FREQUENTLY!

Dan has “heard” my complaints of the non-working washing machine. Recently, however, the complaints became outrage when we were going on a week without a washing machine. I braved the local laundromat early one morning in an attempt to catch up on the massive quantities of laundry we had amassed…think winter, 4 kids, snow, 2 adults, 2 dogs, boots, salt, snow, sand, basketball teams, skiing and just life!  I was beginning to lose my mind.  While not wanting to sound like a princess and admitting that the trip to the laundromat was not my first nor will it be my last (as it seems temps will not be getting warmer in the foreseeable future), that place is just weird.  Strange people loiter at laundromats!  This is not a blanket criticism of people using laundromats, rather; I would be speaking about the strange man who pulled his chair up next to mine…2 inches from mine and proceeded to just STARE at me without saying a word! FREAK!

In an effort to silence my unending (and unwarranted) nagging Dan has attempted to “FIX” my washing machine.  While his efforts are valiant and have proved successful to a degree (no pun intended), I do not believe this is a long term fix.  It seems we need to keep certain doors open, keep the dryer running, practice voodoo while saying our prayers….and then the washing machine will work.

The good news of this whole situation is: if i were still living in Alexandria, I would be pulling my hair out and screaming.  Here in Maine, I expend much more energy just trying to stay warm and keep my car clear of snow so I have less energy to be angry at the current situation. Also, with age and life experience, I have learned that “this too shall pass” and I am making that my mantra!

Now, I am thinking if I can use my new mantra with all sorts of daily annoyances….think how joyful my life can become! I will keep you posted on how it works for me!

Happy Friday

Miss "TEMP"ermental!

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