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HOME…with NO tangible memories.

February 26, 2011

Well…the good news is we are home from an awesome week of skiing.  All six of us made it with no broken bones, actually no injuries at all.  We are fortunate. We had so much fun taking a break from our routine.  We still had a routine on vacation but it was a different routine and that was wonderful.  Each of us improved in our skiing abilities and found a new mountain we LOVE to ski on.  So, all in all, it was a wonderful week. Hope we can do this again. Hope our friends are up for the adventure!

However, my one regret is I have NO pictures to remind me of the good times.  You see, I do not have a camera. Why??? Well, let’s see…I had one but one of my darling children absconded with it and I no longer have it. My husband, yes he has an awesome camera! What good does that do me? NONE, that is what good it does me.  He takes pictures, supposedly “for the family” but the pictures NEVER see the light of day.  They end up in some kind of PICTURE VAULT.

I realize most of you are probably saying to yourself, “quite complaining and buy yourself a camera”!  I would, if I knew which camera to buy.  You see, I want a great camera that takes great pictures (i am not capable of taking the good pictures so I need a camera that will take good pictures for me…magically-too much to ask?), one that isn’t too big or too small, it should have a nice zoom-y kind of lens and it should be user friendly.  Let’s say I found this exact camera….I bet it would be $400-$500 dollars! I just DO NOT spend that kind of money on myself.  Actually, I don’t think I want to own something that expensive….I will break it or lose it or more than likely do both…break it then lose it!

I am thinking a new iPhone might solve my problem.  My current phone STINKS!  I hardly ever have a call that doesn’t get dropped. Dropped 5 times in one damn call.  I may not be tech savy….but I am thinking that is freaking 1980’s technology. Granted, I live in Maine….a northern kind of Hell….we should at least have cell-phone coverage!

So, here is my question: should I just go with a new iPhone and use that camera and be able to snap photos all the time since I pretty much have my phone on my all the time OR should I get a camera (for an upcoming MAJOR holiday…hint hint) and take better photos which can be edited and from which I can actually learn some photography technique?  Does anyone have any advice? Can anyone offer any insight? Phone camera is good but not great resolution…do I care? Real camera means great pictures but will I not have with me to capture the moments I want?

No broken bones…good & glad.

No photos..bad & sad.

No tangible memories.

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  1. Debbie permalink
    February 27, 2011 08:26


    Of course we read the blog, how else can we stay in touch, since your “dang” phone keeps dropping calls???
    Oh and like we would forget the MAJOR holiday that is about to arrive!!!! Problem for me, is I have no suggestions, and still have to mail it the the Northeast’s version of the ARTIC!!!!!!
    Well, while I have an excellent camera, a bit less than the price range you quoted, but darn close…gift from my darling daughters…I will is ONE more thing that you need to carry and keep track of….but, it is invaluable for WHEN you really want nice photos. The phone is for those spur of the moment photos…the can you believe what I just saw kind of photos…..
    I personally think you need both!
    I too want the new iphone, so I can face chat with the girls, or YOU…but not sure I can pony up with the $200 upgrade fee….just seems pricey….
    Well, bottom line, glad you had a blast and no injuries on your February Break….perhaps, DH could share access to the PHOTO VAULT, or email you some of the contents from the PHOTO VAULT and then you could forgo all the $$$$$ for a new camera????? Just thinking…….
    We have one more week of school, and then Spring Break for us…cannot wait…..

  2. Chris Newton permalink
    February 27, 2011 14:47

    I agree with Debbie. You do need both toys! Go with the phone first for the MAJOR holiday, and then ask Santa for a camera in December! I love the camera Newt gave me; you’re welcome to borrow it for a test drive anytime.

  3. February 28, 2011 08:30

    We’re Nikon people. Eric’s always used them and we have all of the lenses, which is why we went that route over the Canon Rebel. Lately I’ve been using my Android more and more, but lean towards our Olympus Stylus when we want something fast and easy. The pics are amazing, and the best part is the camera is shockproof AND WATERPROOF. We take it right into the water to catch the kids swimming or fishing.

  4. February 28, 2011 21:45

    Ok here’s my advice…get the iphone AND a new camera 🙂 I love my iphone and it took some pretty decent pictures of the kids skiing as I didn’t have the Nikon out on the slopes. I am constantly snapping photos on my iphone and I do carry my Nikon pretty much everywhere I go! I’m sure I was no help at all. 🙂

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