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Trying to put a smile on my face

March 2, 2011

Looking for distractions today. Thanks for your kinds words and support.

Our other dog, Chip, is wandering around the house looking for his friend to play with or torment.  The vet, who we just met for the first time yesterday (and was wonderful with Lycos), offers to make a cast/impression of your pet’s paw as a memory keepsake for their clients.  I think that is a great idea.  Just an FYI for anyone reading this who might be in the terrible position of losing a pet anytime soon. I think this will be a sweet memento for the children.

Anyway, Dan came home from the vet and was sharing the whole experience with us.  He ends the story with, “So the vet will give us Lycos’ paw in a few days and we will always have that to remind us of her”.  You should have seen the kids’ faces…STRICKEN is all I can say! Mac, the always funny teenager, replies, ” Will you put in on a keychain like a lucky rabbit foot? Don’t you think it will be kind of big?”  I must always remember to be thankful for his humor and his attempts at trying to lighten the mood.  Dan explained to the kids it was an IMPRINT of Lycos’ paw…not her actual paw. Faces returned to normal!

Saw this picture on Meg’s blog (not me another meg) and it made me smile..for several reasons.  I actually remember looking at the JCPenney catalog and seeing men dressed like this however, I never recall seeing men dressed like this in my town. Why not?  Where were all the men who bought these clothes? What town did they live in? Was it like a Stepford Wives kind of place for men/husbands?

Can you imagine when you were a kid going over to a friend’s house and having the dad dressed like this?  I think I would have freaked out. Maybe my friends’ dads did dress like this and it didn’t seem strange.  Interestingly, this is how many of the men dressed in South America when we were living there last year.  Maybe all the leftover JCPenney clothes from the 70’s were shipped to South America and just took a while to arrive….slow train or something.

In my memory, all the dads I knew wore khaki pants and button down shirts.   Maybe more like this:

On a different note, this was such an awesome movie with two awesome actors!  Such excitement, espionage, morale codes, handsome (albiet 1970-ish) actors.  Think I will put this movie in my queue to watch.  Can you name the movie?  Is is an easy one!

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  1. March 2, 2011 15:38

    LOVE Mac’s comment. I cracked up…and what a great idea to save his paw..or print rather. Also so these guys on Whatever blog..thank God my dad didn’t dress like that. Geez.

  2. Debbie permalink
    March 2, 2011 22:20

    All the President’s Men……

    • gringosinargentina permalink*
      March 2, 2011 23:00

      deb….you got it! thanks for guessing!!

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