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Please don’t….(a rant)

March 25, 2011

tell me FRIDAY is crazy hat day at 4pm on a Thursday.

While the elementary school is wonderful here in Maine and I  have very few complaints (a few which I will happily share with anyone who wants to hear them!), there is absolutely NO fun in sending home a note late on Thursday that says TOMORROW is CRAZY HAT DAY!!

First of all, most people know that Thursday is the day you need to cram everything you haven’t accomplished all week into.   I know I have one last night (or last push) before the weekend.  Here is an example of the things that are happening in our house on a typical Thursday night:

– scrambling for something for dinner since I grocery shop on Fridays and we are usually out of food thus long grumpy faces on the children

– one or two children have sports…means carpools, scheduling, cramming homework in, etc.

-4 children all working out their “weekend” plans…”can I have so & so over?”, “can I sleep over so & so’s house?”, “i am staying after tomorrow for…..” (notice the not-asking permission on that one…must be the 17-year-old, eh!)

– my patience and energy are at an all time low

– TESTS….teachers always schedule tests for Fridays!

and I am sure it is the same in homes all across America, we are no different.  However, who the heck throws in the random CRAZY HAT DAY with no warning?  WE have no CRAZY HATS in our house…I do not like to collect “stuff”.  I realize we could call neighbors or friends to see if they have a crazy hat…but why should our problem become someone else’s problem, especially on a Thursday night (their house is just like ours, I am sure!) not to mention I need to come up with two of them.  I do not have the creative energy or really any energy to pull off this with a few hours notice.

So, instead, my children grab some dorky looking hats we have and with VERY LONG faces they trudge off to school.

I bet they will see this DORK at school today:

note: in an effort to report fairly, there may have been a note home…i NEVER saw anything nor did my kids know anything about the “special” day. so I am just sticking with the information I have.

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  1. Bea Hayes permalink
    March 25, 2011 23:03

    The Carnival hats from Rio would have been wonderful!!!!!

  2. March 27, 2011 10:44

    Well Meg, count your blessing when you can! Be grateful it is only one day of insanity…I remember when the girls were young, and SUDDENLY there would be a “spirit” week, or the infamous “CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK” where EVERY day presented a new clothing/theme challenge! It might be sports shirts, crazy socks, yes hats, and any other variety that some committee came up with…..
    Just recently, we had a similar week at our school, and I was thinking how glad I was that I no longer had children in school (LOL) and I should report, not many of our school families were on board with the “program!”
    Meg, it is hard – I know – when you are in the “moment” – I remember being there…but really savor these crazy hours and days….they pass too quickly. I sit here on a beautiful Sunday morning, sipping coffee, getting ready for Church, and miss, really miss my girls. The house is silent (OK, except for Fox News which Ramzi listens to 24/7!!) and I wonder, are they OK? Haven’t heard from Annie all week, is she OK? Was that bad weather in AL near her yesterday? Bad weather in Boston, is Maura warm enough, is she careful not to slip when she takes Noah out? Raina has some big Pan Hellenic Convention in ATL next weekend… a quick prayer that she gets there and back safely. Sami is driving home alone next weekend, we need to change the tires on the Mazda – and Oh how I worry, I hate the traffic on I-4……Oh to be where you are….
    I can only assume it is my lack of sleep last night that is contributing to my tearfully sentimental ramblings! But know that I love your ramblings!

  3. March 27, 2011 22:15

    This rant is completely appropriate. I hate having to be creative on such a short timeline.

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