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Facebook has its benefits and the world sure is a small place!

April 27, 2011

I have a great story and who doesn’t love a GREAT story!!

So, this is the picture I see one morning this week when I logged on to facebook.  I don’t post much on facebook myself but I do like to follow what others are doing…they call that being a “facebook stalker”…i know there are lots of you out there!!

I immediately think, “what the hell has facebook done now?” They are messing with photos of people I know and somehow editing them or doing some kind of photo “mash-up”.   No, maybe it is just a computer glitch…how funny is that!??  But, being the patient (not jump to conclusions type) person I am, I read the caption under the photo which was on my friend’s wall.  And this is where the top of my head almost blew right off…..

Our friends, the C’s, are traveling throughout Europe on an awesome cruise with their children this spring break.  I have been following their adventures through photos they have posted on fb.  One highlight of their trip was that they would be in Rome, specifically Vatican City, on Easter Sunday!  How very cool is that!  Eager to see what adventures they had posted, I looked at their page.  On this particular day, I guess they decided to grab some lunch at a local restaurant and while there, spot some American college students also enjoying lunch.  One of the students had a Red Sox t-shirt on which prompted a conversation as the C’s are BIG baseball fans.  One thing lead to another and they began to ask each other where they are from, etc., etc. The C’s mention they are from Alexandria and one of the college co-eds pipes up that she knows ONE family from Alexandria (that would be us!).  She also mentions that she is related to that ONE family she knows…..

So, here it is:  My niece, Reagan, is studying abroad this semester in Vienna.  I guess she was on a “road trip” weekend and was hangin’ in Rome….where she happened to be in the same restaurant as our friends who just happened to be in Rome and decided to dine in the same restaurant.  The C’s have never met nor did they even know I had a niece named Reagan. I didn’t even know Reagan was in Rome. How absolutely freaking crazy is that story???

And, just to let you know how very cool and nice the C’s are: They bought Reagan and her friends lunch that day!  Remember being in college, remember how poor you were, remember how carefully you budgeted your money…this must have been such an awesome treat!

Thank you so very much “C” family for being so generous and so very cool! We love you guys!

*note*: the above picture is my niece and K, who just happens to be MaryCate’s bestest friend in the whole world…hanging out in Rome together!!  MaryCate almost blew a gasket when she saw this picture and heard the story!

I have found myself driving around this week and still chuckling to myself at this whole encounter…I love crazy coincidences!

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  1. Eva permalink
    April 27, 2011 20:22

    Love it too!!!

  2. May 17, 2011 12:16

    So freakin crazy! But loved it!!


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