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Friendship…and a baby-to-be!

May 11, 2011

I was invited to a luncheon yesterday, a surprise luncheon for a friend who is having her 5th GIRL!  This lovely friend has had a less than dreamy pregnancy and has had to stay off her feet (aka bedrest) for most of the last 10 weeks or so.  Since this friend is one of those women who runs, swims, plays with her 4 girls in the yard, chairs fundraisers, volunteers for all events…..this bedrest sentence has been  her own personal hell, i am pretty sure.

While at this luncheon, I had some pretty great revelations:

  • The women in my “new” town are very nice. They gather to celebrate each other and to raise each other up!  I love that.
  • I love how healthy everyone is here. The women eat (which isn’t always the case in some places), they enjoy the food and they choose wisely.
  • There is a genuine interest and concern for what you are doing and what your kids are up to. I love that they even care about me….i am the NEW girl….why even care??!!
  • I officially feel old…no more babies in my future…that I am sure of.
  • I dress like caca!  I have NO fashion sense and I need a total makeover!  I have spent all winter bundled up in fleece…head to toe! Not a good look….now that it is spring….i am still in cords and looking a bit haggard from the winter. Anyone up for a makeover project????

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