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Thankful Thursday

May 12, 2011

and so another week goes by…it is amazing how fast the weeks seem to be going.  This week, I am so very thankful for the privillege of living in the United States of America.  We live is the best county in the world…we enjoy so many wonderful freedoms….religious freedom, freedom of speech, equality of men AND women, self-government, a free democracy and free market.

If you stop to think of that…it is almost mind-blowing…the rights and privileges we enjoy.  I have to say, pretty much whatever you want…you can have. If you have ever lived in (or even visitied)  another country, especially a country without many of the the rights and privileges for its citizens we enjoy, you understand what I am trying to say.

We live in a FREE COUNTRY…we are the lucky ones. Have you ever thought, “I wonder what my life would be like if I were ‘me’ but if i were born in China, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia”?  I actually have thought of this and  I know that I am so damn lucky to be a citizen of the United States; I am grateful everyday.

I work to instill this feeling in my children…I hope they know how lucky they are.  I also hope they realize that this freedom comes at a cost…we all have a responsibility to contribute positively to maintaining, and even improving, the freedoms we all enjoy. Remember the old song, “Freedom Isn’t Free”? I sang this song in my little 6th grade Catholic school and I can still remember getting the ‘goose bumps’ when I was singing…knowing how passionately I felt about this.

I know…it’s hokey but somehow I remember how catchy it was and how I walked around the house humming the tune. I do, however,  remember our school version being WAAAYYY better than this but at least you get the idea.

Honestly, there are very few things in the world that making me smile like seeing the stars and stripes flapping in the wind. Our old house had a flagpole in the yard and I sure do miss it.

Happy Thankful Thursday!

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  1. May 13, 2011 06:02

    OH my gosh! Meg, I never heard this song! Nor do I remember you singing this song…..I am going to download it (assuming I can find it on iTunes…) and play it every morning in my classroom! My kids really have no idea of how lucky they are…many being from elsewhere…and many getting way more than a FREE public school education from our government. I find it deplorable that the Pledge of Allegiance has to scroll on the morning news in order for the children to say it since they can’t bother to memorize the words. OK don’t get me started! I loved your post, and I think I am going to do something about appreciating “FREEDOM” as a theme for Memorial Day in the classroom…perhaps starting with memorizing the “Pledge”….perhaps writing it out a few dozen times?????? (JK – can you tell it is Friday?)
    Well off to iTunes!
    XOXO Thanks for the positive uplifting post!

  2. May 15, 2011 20:28

    Thanks for this reminder. I love that we’re going into summer–it seems like from Memorial Day to Labor there are so many reasons to celebrate patriotism. Flags, the national anthem, the Fourth, the fireworks. I love a good flying flag high, too–my kids call flags flapping in the wind “crazy flags”.

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