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Back to my Thankful Thursdays….

June 9, 2011

and it’s not that I wasn’t thankful.  We are in the sprint to the finish line for the school year and we also had some family visit…all of which is great but tends to keep my plate full and not much left over for blogging!!

This Thursday,  I am soooo very thankful for the awesome weather we have been experiencing:

This is absolute perfection!  Sunny, breezy and 80!  I think it might be a tad warmer than that but I’m not arguing with my car!

This weather means the sprinkler is going, the old “woody” is out of the garage and we aren’t wearing fleece!  A banner day in Maine. This kind of day can make one forget about the FEET of snow that fell on us, the back-breaking shoveling and freezing morning….at least for a bit.

It is a BEAUTIFUL day today….and for that I am thankful!

PS….i know i have to change the banner on my blog to June…i am really behind!

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  1. June 9, 2011 20:17

    What a really “happy” picture! And a happy blogger no less!!! So glad you are back to posting, thought for a minute I would have to start posting on my blog….ThankLESS Thursdays, since you apparently had nothing to be thankFUL for….
    Thanks for getting back in the swing!
    Great to think of the lovely weather you are experiencing!

  2. June 16, 2011 21:14

    Get on the banner would you already…we’re halfway through June!? And seriously…is that your car? Man I love those old cars…I want one so bad!!! Drive it down here and we’ll jump off the bridge together…on your way down will you bring me a puppy from Maine?

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