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so totally bummed…

May 13, 2011

I have a friend here in Maine…well, i have a few friends but that isn’t the point. This friend’s husband is taking a new job out of the state and she is moving.  I have been in denial about it…hoping something would happen and she would NOT move. We walked together this morning enjoying the ocean views and the sounds of spring and she dropped the bomb!  She is definitely OUT OF HERE!  That makes me sad because I really, really liked spending time with her.  Neither one of us are from Maine so we could commiserate about the cold, certain strange Maine-isms, and weirdly we had a few of those “kevin bacon” moments. We had friends in common and didn’t even know it for a while…small world (again)!

I am really going to miss her! She was like a ray of sunshine in the cold dark winter. Bummer for me…she will be happy when she goes though. I know that so I will try to be happy for her.

Finally, it is Prom this weekend!  Information is sketchy on the pictures taking opportunities…so funny how every town does Prom differently. I will post some pictures (I hope) and fill you in all about it on Monday.

happy friday-


Thankful Thursday

May 12, 2011

and so another week goes by…it is amazing how fast the weeks seem to be going.  This week, I am so very thankful for the privillege of living in the United States of America.  We live is the best county in the world…we enjoy so many wonderful freedoms….religious freedom, freedom of speech, equality of men AND women, self-government, a free democracy and free market.

If you stop to think of that…it is almost mind-blowing…the rights and privileges we enjoy.  I have to say, pretty much whatever you want…you can have. If you have ever lived in (or even visitied)  another country, especially a country without many of the the rights and privileges for its citizens we enjoy, you understand what I am trying to say.

We live in a FREE COUNTRY…we are the lucky ones. Have you ever thought, “I wonder what my life would be like if I were ‘me’ but if i were born in China, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia”?  I actually have thought of this and  I know that I am so damn lucky to be a citizen of the United States; I am grateful everyday.

I work to instill this feeling in my children…I hope they know how lucky they are.  I also hope they realize that this freedom comes at a cost…we all have a responsibility to contribute positively to maintaining, and even improving, the freedoms we all enjoy. Remember the old song, “Freedom Isn’t Free”? I sang this song in my little 6th grade Catholic school and I can still remember getting the ‘goose bumps’ when I was singing…knowing how passionately I felt about this.

I know…it’s hokey but somehow I remember how catchy it was and how I walked around the house humming the tune. I do, however,  remember our school version being WAAAYYY better than this but at least you get the idea.

Honestly, there are very few things in the world that making me smile like seeing the stars and stripes flapping in the wind. Our old house had a flagpole in the yard and I sure do miss it.

Happy Thankful Thursday!

Friendship…and a baby-to-be!

May 11, 2011

I was invited to a luncheon yesterday, a surprise luncheon for a friend who is having her 5th GIRL!  This lovely friend has had a less than dreamy pregnancy and has had to stay off her feet (aka bedrest) for most of the last 10 weeks or so.  Since this friend is one of those women who runs, swims, plays with her 4 girls in the yard, chairs fundraisers, volunteers for all events…..this bedrest sentence has been  her own personal hell, i am pretty sure.

While at this luncheon, I had some pretty great revelations:

  • The women in my “new” town are very nice. They gather to celebrate each other and to raise each other up!  I love that.
  • I love how healthy everyone is here. The women eat (which isn’t always the case in some places), they enjoy the food and they choose wisely.
  • There is a genuine interest and concern for what you are doing and what your kids are up to. I love that they even care about me….i am the NEW girl….why even care??!!
  • I officially feel old…no more babies in my future…that I am sure of.
  • I dress like caca!  I have NO fashion sense and I need a total makeover!  I have spent all winter bundled up in fleece…head to toe! Not a good look….now that it is spring….i am still in cords and looking a bit haggard from the winter. Anyone up for a makeover project????

Crafty times….

May 6, 2011
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Check out what I made:

I know this may be biased, but I think this looks AWESOME!  I had seen them on various websites and I found some tutorials.  I used a few different helpful hints from several places and discovered  a few helpful ideas on my own.

I looked everywhere for the large paper mache letters (super hard to find). Joann’s Fabrics had them and if you use a coupon you can get 40% off the $9.99.  The moss that comes in sheets works best and you can find it at Michaels or AC Moore for $12.00…use another coupon to save 40%.  My materials, not including glue or ribbon (which I had in my stash) cost approximately $13.00!  The kicker is I have seen these on Esty for $75 and up.  Pottery Barn is selling smaller letters for $79 each!  I am in shock that someone would pay that much for a moss-covered letter!  I think I should start making these, selling them and put all four of my kids through college!

Any way, thought I would pass along the tip just in case you are feeling crafty and want to make a mossy letter or letters for your house!

here it is hanging on our door

happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Thankful Thursday…

May 5, 2011

I can’t believe I haven’t posted at all this week. I guess it has just been ONE of THOSE weeks!  Since today is Thankful Thursday,  here is what I am thankful for:

my children who love to hike in the woods, Robinson Woods, right by our house.  We take the dog (most of the time) but thoroughly enjoy exploring on our own as well.  This place is magical!  Believe it or not, the fourth-graders take THREE field trips to the woods thoughout the school year, learning about the life cycle of the woods as the seasons change.  In the woods, the kids like to climb trees, cross the lake on wooden planks which have been precariously placed as a “challenge” for the adventure-seekers, and even sail their Lego boats down a fun waterfall.  I am thankful for this wonderful little spot where we can explore, reconnect and find exciting treasures. I am also thankful that my children (well, really just three of them) love to explore the woods as much as I do.

Thankful Thursday

April 28, 2011

In an effort to remind myself to be thankful for all I have, I am going to use every Thursday as the day I post something I am thankful for. Most of the weeks, I have many things I can chose from. Some weeks, I may have to ponder this for a bit.  Of course, I am thankful daily for my husband, my family, my good health…those are the obvious ones.  I want to find the things I take for granted in an ordinary day that make my day/week/life just a little bit better.

This Thursday, my inaugural Thankful Thursday, I want to say thanks for my wonderful espresso machine (and the awesome barista who provides the brew each morning!)

It may not look like much to you, the reader. But for me…each morning, it is like a quick trip back to South America. I have never had a cup of coffee like the café con leche I enjoyed each morning while in South America….no matter where you went in South America!  They just know how to “DO” coffee!  Dan and I have tried to replicate the taste but we can’t. So this is as close as we get…and that is really good enough for me.

So, there you have it….I am thankful for my espresso machine (& my barista) which brings me joy in a cup each and every morning!

Facebook has its benefits and the world sure is a small place!

April 27, 2011

I have a great story and who doesn’t love a GREAT story!!

So, this is the picture I see one morning this week when I logged on to facebook.  I don’t post much on facebook myself but I do like to follow what others are doing…they call that being a “facebook stalker”…i know there are lots of you out there!!

I immediately think, “what the hell has facebook done now?” They are messing with photos of people I know and somehow editing them or doing some kind of photo “mash-up”.   No, maybe it is just a computer glitch…how funny is that!??  But, being the patient (not jump to conclusions type) person I am, I read the caption under the photo which was on my friend’s wall.  And this is where the top of my head almost blew right off…..

Our friends, the C’s, are traveling throughout Europe on an awesome cruise with their children this spring break.  I have been following their adventures through photos they have posted on fb.  One highlight of their trip was that they would be in Rome, specifically Vatican City, on Easter Sunday!  How very cool is that!  Eager to see what adventures they had posted, I looked at their page.  On this particular day, I guess they decided to grab some lunch at a local restaurant and while there, spot some American college students also enjoying lunch.  One of the students had a Red Sox t-shirt on which prompted a conversation as the C’s are BIG baseball fans.  One thing lead to another and they began to ask each other where they are from, etc., etc. The C’s mention they are from Alexandria and one of the college co-eds pipes up that she knows ONE family from Alexandria (that would be us!).  She also mentions that she is related to that ONE family she knows…..

So, here it is:  My niece, Reagan, is studying abroad this semester in Vienna.  I guess she was on a “road trip” weekend and was hangin’ in Rome….where she happened to be in the same restaurant as our friends who just happened to be in Rome and decided to dine in the same restaurant.  The C’s have never met nor did they even know I had a niece named Reagan. I didn’t even know Reagan was in Rome. How absolutely freaking crazy is that story???

And, just to let you know how very cool and nice the C’s are: They bought Reagan and her friends lunch that day!  Remember being in college, remember how poor you were, remember how carefully you budgeted your money…this must have been such an awesome treat!

Thank you so very much “C” family for being so generous and so very cool! We love you guys!

*note*: the above picture is my niece and K, who just happens to be MaryCate’s bestest friend in the whole world…hanging out in Rome together!!  MaryCate almost blew a gasket when she saw this picture and heard the story!

I have found myself driving around this week and still chuckling to myself at this whole encounter…I love crazy coincidences!